The Dixie Highway: Kentucky's Most Dangerous Road

Some portions of the Dixie Highway date back to the 1830s, when work began on a road to connect Louisville with Nashville. It has evolved quite a bit since then. Now the Dixie is a multi-lane thoroughfare with businesses along either side of it and a rather confusing left-turn lane down its middle. The highway also stands as Kentucky's most dangerous and deadly road.

Indeed, the Dixie sees well over 1,000 crashes in a typical year. This leads to hundreds of injuries and several deaths. Survivors find themselves in desperate situations — not only are they hurt, but they also face steep medical costs as they recover. Some, unable to return to work, lose their jobs.

What many don't realize is that they can receive financial compensation.

How We Help Car Crash Victims

Through personal injury claims, victims of automobile accidents can obtain the funds they need to recover. The lawyers at Dixie Law Group, PSC, provide crucial help in this process.

It falls to insurance companies to pay injured individuals. However, to increase their profits, insurance companies always seek to underpay claims — or deny them outright. They even hire private investigators and other professionals who work to discredit victims' stories.

Our attorneys take on such insurance companies and assert our clients' rights. We help those we represent at every step of the process. We help them gather the evidence they need, and fill out the requisite paperwork before it is too late. In all matters, we seek compensation for a number of concerns, including:

  • Doctors' bills and hospital fees
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to one's vehicle or other property

We are skilled at negotiating with insurers to obtain favorable settlements. When no agreement can be reached, we are always prepared to provide aggressive litigation services in court.

Don't Settle For Less

If you have been hurt, we will fight to get you compensatory damages. Reach out to us to learn how. You can call us at 502-290-2397 or contact us online. We don't charge until we win.