Pedestrians Don't Have Seat Belts To Protect Them

About three times a day in Kentucky, a pedestrian is hit by a car and suffers a serious injury. Nearly 15 percent of victims are under 14 years old. Few areas are more dangerous for pedestrians than along the Dixie Highway. Not only is it among the busiest of our state's thoroughfares, but also the drivers tend to be more reckless. Individuals out to buy groceries or perform other errands find themselves, quite suddenly, at risk.

The Dixie Law Group, PSC, can help. Our firm offers legal assistance to pedestrians who have been hurt by careless drivers. Located in Louisville right along the Dixie Highway, our lawyers are committed to obtaining for our clients the monetary funds they need to recover.

How We Can Aid In Your Recovery

A disturbingly high number of pedestrian accidents along the Dixie Highway are hit-and-runs. A driver makes a mistake, and flees the scene. In such situations, our attorneys work hard to identify the responsible party and hold them liable.

Yet even when the culprit cannot be found, we can still pursue compensation. We help our clients gather the evidence required to establish how their injury took place, and work with opposing counsel and insurance companies to procure favorable settlements. In all matters, our aim is to obtain funds that pay for our clients' medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In the event of a fatality, we can help the victim's family secure such compensation as well.

We Can Help You Understand Your Options

To learn more about our services, reach out to the Dixie Law Group. We offer free initial case evaluations, enabling us to inform you of your options before you are obliged to pay.

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