First You Slip In An Unsafe Area. Then You Slip In Court.

Property owners have an obligation to keep their sites safe. Whether you are shopping at a mall or eating in a restaurant, or simply passing by a construction site, it is up to the business owner to make sure you don't suffer unnecessary harm. Yet accidents happen. And, if you have been injured, the business may be responsible for paying your medical bills and associated costs.

Obtaining compensation for your injuries can be difficult, though. In Kentucky, the courts often side with businesses. They assume that some accidents can't be prevented, no matter how many precautions a business takes. Moreover, unless they have an experienced attorney, the victims themselves often find themselves blamed at trial. They sometimes pay not only for their own recovery, but for the business's court costs and lawyers' fees as well.

Dixie Law Group, PSC, can help.

Making The Strongest Possible Case

While the laws concerning slip-and-fall injuries are complex, we know them thoroughly. If a business owner has been negligent, we know how to gather the evidence to prove it. Moreover, we know how to work with opposing counsel and insurance companies to maximize our clients' claims.

We work closely with our clients. It is our goal to make sure they receive adequate medical care. Likewise, we work hard to ensure they receive the funds they need to pay for it.

Time Is Limited

In cases of premises liability, victims have only one year to file their case. After that, there will be no means for financial compensation.

Our attorneys offer guidance at every step. If you would like to discuss your injury with us, call our Louisville office at 502-290-2397. You can also reach us online. Initial consultations are always free.