How Many Injuries Do Truckers Cause Each Year?

Government studies indicate a sharp increase in trucking accidents since 2010. In recent years, trucking crashes have accounted for more than 75,000 injuries and 3,000 deaths annually. Kentucky can claim a large share of these. In the last decade, our state has seen about 8,000 truck crashes each year, resulting in thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities.

Victims of such accidents are entitled to compensation to pay for medical costs and other considerations. Dixie Law Group, PSC, will help you obtain it. We're located in Louisville, right along the Dixie Highway — where a significant portion of these truck crashes take place. Our lawyers are committed to getting our clients the funds they need to recover.

Trucking Companies Are Careful To Protect Themselves

Trucking accidents aren't like other vehicle accidents. There are often large business interests involved. Unfortunately for victims, these businesses take special care to protect their reputations and their finances. Shipping companies like FedEx and DHL, as well as other national trucking companies, hire teams of insurance lawyers to have any injury claims against them dismissed. As such, victims of trucking accidents frequently find themselves receiving less monetary compensation than they should, and are unable to pay their medical bills.

Our attorneys can assist. We are skilled at taking on insurance companies in legal matters. In many scenarios, we can facilitate negotiations to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients and obtain restitution quickly. However, if no agreements can be reached out of court, we are adept at providing our clients with aggressive representation at trial, where we will fight to protect their interests.

Maximize Your Compensation

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