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Dixie Highway plus big rigs: Recipe for disaster

If you drive on the Dixie Highway in Kentucky, you are among other motorists who travel some of the most dangerous roads in the United States. Why Dixie Highway is so dangerous is debatable. There are several reasons it has been dubbed, "The Dixie Die-way." Some say traffic volume is a major factor, while others believe intersections without turning lanes place all travelers at risk for collision. 

You may or may not agree with those assessments. Tractor-trailers are often involved in highway collisions, especially those in this particular region of Kentucky. Traffic regulations governing tractor-trailer and other commercial vehicle operations differ from those applied to non-commercial vehicles. The more you know about big rig rules, the better prepared you'll be if a commercial vehicle driver causes you injury in a collision. 

How does Kentucky's no-fault system work?

When you get into a crash in Kentucky, there is a timeline that you should follow for a settlement. You'll need to apply for compensation early, because lawsuits are limited after a certain point.

You'll have to report the accident if the damage to your vehicle exceeds $500. You should also report it if it resulted in the death of a person in the crash or caused injuries.

Dixie Highway Project completed on time, officials agree

If you live near Louisville or the Dixie Highway, you may have heard that the state officials have officially announced the completion of the Dixie Highway Project. This is probably good news if you've been caught up in construction or noticed an uptick in accidents as a result of work in the area. This project was designed to help repave areas of the highway and to prevent it from cracking in the future. The construction company, Hall Construction, met its deadline nearly three years after the project was awarded.

This $14 million project helps five miles of the Dixie Highway be a smoother ride for drivers. The span between Gene Snyder Freeway and Greenwood Road has had the roads completely ripped up and remade, adding a reflective membrane to prevent cracking and damage in the future. By reducing road hazards due to road damage, it's hoped that fewer people will end up in crashes along the highway.

1 killed, 1 injured in crash involving car, transportation buses

The spring in Kentucky is busy and bustling with traffic. The Oaks, Derby and other events fill calendars, making it an important time for the state. Unfortunately, with added traffic and tourists in town, there's a growing risk of accidents and injuries.

Everyone has to be safer when tourists are in town and the traffic becomes heavy. Those who aren't familiar with the roads may make mistakes, and it's only the vigilance of others that will prevent those mistakes from causing serious injuries or fatalities. When people aren't able to stop or get out of the way to prevent an accident, deaths and injuries are probable.

Watch out for these 3 summer driving hazards

Summer is nearly here, and with it comes the dangers of summer driving. While most people assume that summer is one of the best times to drive, the reality is that it, too, is dangerous, just like fall, winter or spring.

Summer has some unique factors that cause collisions. One is the risk of severe weather. A second is the likelihood of reflections and glare. Heat is a third.

Struck on the Dixie Highway? You have legal options

Living in Kentucky, you know that one of the most dangerous roadways is the Dixie Highway. The Dixie Highway is dangerous for multiple reasons, some of which are because the highway itself dates back to the 1830s in some locations. Being so old, the arrangement of the road is not always compatible with the current state of motor vehicles.

The Dixie Highway is a multilane highway. The confusing part about it is that it also has a left-turn lane. This lane allows drivers on the highway to turn into local businesses, which are lined up along the highway on either side. With high speeds and turning vehicles combined, there is no question why this is a dangerous roadway.

The Dixie Highway is no place for a trucker to nap

If you live in this area of Kentucky, you know the dangers the Dixie Highway can have under normal circumstances. Even when you and other drivers diligently follow the rules and pay attention, someone else may not do the same. Distracted driving and drunk driving receive a lot of media, law enforcement and advocacy attention, but another danger lurks behind steering wheels -- drowsy driving.

Being sleepy behind the wheel is dangerous enough for a passenger car driver. When the driver is responsible for maneuvering a vehicle that weighs up to 80,000 pounds and towers over other vehicles, adding sleepiness can truly be a recipe for disaster.

Will people be able to sue if a self-driving car crashes?

Self-driving vehicles are being developed, and many people believe that they're the way of the future. Despite that, some worry that the companies creating these vehicles could make it impossible for drivers to sue if they get into crashes while using them.

The point of a self-driving vehicle is to take human error out of the equation. However, that could mean that people who do get into crashes with these vehicles would want to hold the companies and manufacturers who produce them liable in the event of a crash.

Staying safe on the freeway is possible with these tips

Freeway driving can be one of the most dangerous types of driving there is. Drivers should be well-versed in driving skills and traffic laws before using a freeway or highway. Having a good attitude and education in driving on these busy roads is necessary to stay safe.

One thing you need to understand is who has the right of way on a highway. To start with, if you're entering the freeway, you need to yield. You do not have the right of way; those in the main lanes of traffic are already moving at high speeds and won't be able to slow or stop for you. Speed up as you approach the highway and do your best to merge into an open spot between traffic. If there is not anywhere to enter, slow and stop until you see a break in traffic.

Good tire friction can help prevent crashes

You have a vehicle that doesn't handle great in the snow. You've always heard that adding weight to the back of a truck bed or in the trunk of your car will help, but is that actually a reality?

The truth may surprise you. Instead of adding weight to the back or front of your vehicle, the goal is actually to add weight over the wheels themselves. The wheels need the added traction, and adding weight over the wheels that is centered helps them press more firmly into the snow and prevent crashes.

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