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December 2016 Archives

What Insurance Coverage You Need to Protect Your Family

Everyone is required to purchase car insurance, but very few actually know what to buy. Some insurance agents are nice and explain each part of your policy to you. However, if you buy your insurance online or have a terrible agent you may not know what you need or why you need it. With that in mind let's review so you can make your own decision.

Should You Handle Your Car Accident Claim WITHOUT a Lawyer?

If you're in a car accident, but the injuries are minimal a personal injury lawyer sometimes is not necessary. At the Dixie Law Group, we receive calls from people who are hurt badly and still recovering from a severe crash. However, we also get calls of individuals who are in auto accidents, but suffered minimal injuries and only need help with getting their car fixed.

7 Ways a Lawyer Can Mess Up Your Car Accident Case

Attorneys with little experience in car accident cases do not understand how much time and effort each case requires. An attorney must attain a vast array of records (police reports, recorded statements, medical records and bills from multiple providers, insurance statements, worker's compensation payment ledgers) in order to paint the best picture of your case. Most lawyers take the easy way out, especially if they have too many cases or are not willing to put in the effort for smaller claims. Many fail to attain the complete record and fail their client.

Only so much defense a motorcyclist can practice on Dixie Hwy

We don't know if the value of defensive driving is something everyone in Kentucky is taught when learning to drive. Many instructors would likely agree that it should be. The tenets of defensive driving are important for general motorist safety. They are even more essential for motorcyclists.

Receiving full benefits after a Dixie Hwy crash not a given

We are not all rolling in dough. Most of us in Kentucky are not in the ranks of the so-called 1 percent. When we leave our homes for a day of work, the goal is to bring home enough money to meet our basic needs. If we're lucky or well disciplined, our budgets include putting money away for college, retirement or some other dream.

Is a distracted driver liable for your accident?

Distracted driving is a problem along the Dixie Highway and throughout Kentucky, and often, victims of accidents caused by such distraction do not realize that they could be eligible for compensation for their pain and suffering. A distracted driver is a danger to every person on the road, and this person may be financially responsible for the pain and suffering inflicted on accident victims.

What Almira Gulch did wrong after Toto bit her

1. Don't handle a dog bite yourself. She tried to take the law into her own hands. Sure, she went to see the Sheriff and got a "signed order" (that's not going to happen nowadays), but then she tried to serve the order herself. It is always best not to seek justice on your own. In some situations, it may be appropriate to contact law enforcement. However, most cases will be resolved in the civil court system.

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