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Your commute intersecting with disaster

You are no stranger to the hazards on the Dixie Highway in Louisville. If you work in one of the many businesses along the highway or simply use it to access the interstate, you have probably witnessed more than your fair share of accidents. Perhaps you have even suffered injuries in an accident yourself.

As treacherous as the road is, with its multiple lanes in both directions, fluctuating speed limits and dual-use left turn lanes in the center, the most dangerous places along the Dixie Highway are likely the wide, congested intersections. If your accident occurred at one of these notorious intersections, you may not find it surprising to learn that data from the Federal Highway Administration shows 40 percent of all traffic accidents and 20 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents happen at intersections.

Daydreaming through the morning commute

Many of the intersections along the Dixie Highway seem to require you to look in a thousand directions before making safe entry. Numerous straight lanes, turn lanes and pedestrian crosswalks make passing through the intersection a risk, even on a good day. The problem with an already dangerous daily commute is that other drivers may get complacent, driving without their full attention on the road, maybe even distracting themselves from the boredom of the repetitive commute.

If you were entering an intersection at the same time one of these drivers approached, you probably did not fare well. Even if you assume every driver will not stop for a red light, you may find yourself caught in the headlights of a driver trying to race through the intersection.

You didn't see it coming

On the other hand, perhaps the driver who hit you was not coming from the other direction. One of the most common types of intersection accidents is the rear-end collision, which may result in serious neck and spinal injuries. Hit with enough force, a rear-end collision can easily send your car into the back of another car or even into cross-traffic in the intersection.

The Dixie Highway has many intersections where parallel lanes turn simultaneously. When a driver decides to change lanes while making the turn or fails to remain in his or her lane, that driver may end up sideswiping your vehicle. At a high rate of speed, even a collision like this may cause you to suffer serious injuries.

Whatever the scenario, you are now among the thousands who suffer injuries in accidents along this dangerous Kentucky highway. If your accident occurred because of someone's carelessness along the Dixie Highway, you have the right to seek legal advice from someone who will not see you as just another statistic.

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