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Wet roads are a hazard: Slow down in rainstorms

When you're driving in the rain, you probably know that you need to slow down. The highways in Kentucky are relatively straight, but the 70 mph speed limit on most parts of the highway are far too high for wet roads.

Remember that it takes more time to slow down and stop on wet roads. Additionally, because vehicles travel over the roads often, oils gather there. When rain first falls, it mixes with the oils and makes the roads very slick. This is when it's most likely to get into a crash.

Another thing to remember is not to travel too close to other vehicles. The three-second rule is one you may wish to follow. It states that you need at least three seconds' worth of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Others suggest having one car length between you and the other vehicle for every 10 mph you're traveling. For instance, if you're traveling at 70 mph, stay seven-car lengths away from the vehicle in front of you. This gives you time to slow and stop if anything goes wrong.

Be smart about still water and moving water when it's raining or after snow melts. Never drive over water when you can't see the road below. It may be much deeper than you believe, and that could end up ruining your vehicle and stranding you. If the water is deep enough, there is a potential that your vehicle could be swept off the road.

Slowing down helps prevent car accidents. If a driver isn't driving safely for the conditions, he or she could be accused of negligence and held liable for any crashes caused.

Source: KCBD 11, "Recognizing Rain Dangers on the Road," accessed Nov. 03, 2017

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