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The Dixie Highway is no place for a trucker to nap

If you live in this area of Kentucky, you know the dangers the Dixie Highway can have under normal circumstances. Even when you and other drivers diligently follow the rules and pay attention, someone else may not do the same. Distracted driving and drunk driving receive a lot of media, law enforcement and advocacy attention, but another danger lurks behind steering wheels -- drowsy driving.

The increasing danger of America's roads and highways

Kentucky readers know that with technological improvements and increased safety measures, cars and other vehicles could be safer than ever before. However, while there have been many significant improvements, there are still serious issues threatening the safety and well-being of all motorists.

Did a car hit you in a Dixie Highway intersection?

Kentucky motorists are responsible for their actions behind the wheel. When you drive a car, you must adhere to all traffic regulations and posted speed limit signs along your route. Beyond that, however, it's up to every driver to be as alert and cautious as possible to keep themselves and others who share the roadways safe. If you're a bicyclist, you likely already know how dangerous Dixie Highway can be. Navigating intersections and crosswalks by bicycle can be extremely challenging.

Keeping teenagers safe on the Dixie Highway

Like most Kentucky parents, you rejoice each time your teenage son or daughter accomplishes a life goal or experiences a milestone event, such as obtaining a valid driver's license. You eagerly anticipated the first time you gave permission for him or her to drive on the Dixie Highway to a sporting event, perhaps at Holy Cross, Valley Station, Pleasure Ridge Park or some other local high school in the area.

Speeding drivers are moving fast toward danger

Kentucky readers know that drivers can do many things that can increase their chance of involvement in a car accident. Distracted driving, drunk driving and reckless driving can endanger not only the person behind the wheel, but also every other person on the road. One of the most common dangers to both drivers and other motorists is speeding.

The things that are distracting drivers may surprise you

Kentucky readers know there are many things that could cause distractions for drivers. While cell phones are one of the leading sources of distracted driving, there is new evidence to suggest that there are other dangerous sources of distraction of which drivers should be aware. One of these sources is the infotainment systems that now come standard in many newer vehicles. 

Danger lurks just beyond your stop sign: Tips for how to avoid it

Driving in Kentucky may feel like you're placing your life at risk. In some cases, especially in areas such as the Dixie Highway or nearby areas, you really are in danger as accident risks in these regions are quite high. A key to avoiding collision, however, is knowing what types of situations most often pose problems, and what to do to avoid them, if anything. If you have teenage drivers in your family, you'll likely want to pass along these tips to them as well.

Worried about your loved one driving on the "Dixie Die-way?"

It's one thing to know you're in control behind the wheel of your own vehicle, and quite another to watch your son, daughter, spouse or other family member pull out of your driveway, heading for Dixie Highway in Kentucky. Locals named this stretch of road a "die-way" instead of "highway" for good reason. It's dangerous. There are many fatal accidents there; in fact, advocates for change, including several Jefferson County council members have announced plans for major projects that will -- hopefully -- make the roadway safer.

Braking distance and its role in truck accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that involve semitrailers can be catastrophic for innocent motorists. When truck accidents happen along Dixie Highway, they often result in serious injury and significant damage to smaller vehicles. If you were hurt in a collision with a large, heavy vehicle, it may not be your fault.

Your commute intersecting with disaster

You are no stranger to the hazards on the Dixie Highway in Louisville. If you work in one of the many businesses along the highway or simply use it to access the interstate, you have probably witnessed more than your fair share of accidents. Perhaps you have even suffered injuries in an accident yourself.

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